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Transport Infrastructure

The map of road-interchange constructions near the Atlant-park

Atlant-park Industrial & Warehousing Facilities are located 27 km away from the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) on the federal motorway M-7 Volga, which connect European Russia with Siberia and Far East. This is the shortest route from Moscow to the Eastern regions of the country.

Today, major renovation and improvement works are carried out throughout Volga M7 motorway (Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod). Several large road-interchange construction projects are carried out in the close proximity to Atlant-park. New road junctions are constructed at the most busiest parts of the motorway.



Three motorway junctions in Balashikha City Area:

Construction of Volga 7 motorway junctions within the Balashikha City district



Junction no.4 is constructed near the 43 km mark at the Volga M7 motorway:

Construction of the Volga M7 motorway conjunction near the 43 km mark (3D design modelling)

The completion of the projects mentioned above will allow to separate city and transit traffics and ensure high-speed motion at the Volga M7 motorway.
The reduction of traffic lights will increase the traffic speed on the motorway and expand the road capacity. The road is going to be safer and without traffic jams.
By 2017 all road construction and renovation projects should be completed. The M7 Volga motorway will get five traffic lanes in each direction.