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Total electric power at the IWC «Atlant-Park» is brought up to 10 mw

Dear partners and visitors of the corporate site of Atlant-Park industrial warehouse complex!

We are glad to inform you that in accordance with the agreement on energy supply from the guaranteed supplier, the total electrical capacity of the complex is brought up to 10 mW. This will not only increase the overall reliability of tenants energy supply, but will also allow to continue successful placement of high-energy-intensive facilities at Atlant-Park industrial warehouse complex.

At the moment, the leadership of Atlant-Park industrial warehouse complex is considering the issue of using a complex of gas piston units in the power system. The introduction of a natural gas generation system will significantly reduce the cost of tenants in electricity supply, heat, cold (ventilation, refrigeration supply, industrial cooling) and increase the reliability of the power supply of the complex to one particular group.