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Our Mission

We are building a company that takes care of its employees, appreciates its customers and engages in such cooperation with the community and authorities of its presence region that contributes to the area’s social and economic development.

Aspiring to leadership

Expanding our offer, improving the quality of our services, continuing to construct and commission new warehousing facilities, developing the attendant transport infrastructure: these are the ingredients of our success and dynamic development that enable us to keep abreast with the leading warehousing services providers of Moscow region.

Sustainable development

We offer our customers high-end support in developing every area of their business. Through that, we contribute to transforming the Atlant Park Industrial & Warehousing Facilities into an advanced, regional-level industry, transport & logistic cluster that shall accelerate the development of transport, social and economic infrastructure throughout the eastern part of Moscow region.

Community wellbeing

Efficient setting and achieving our business tasks means that we coordinate them with the local community’s interests and expectations.

We are well aware that the growth of our business is a vital factor of social and economic development. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the relationship between our company and the community in our presence region is one of dialogue and trust.

We believe that any considerable growth of our fellow-countrymen’s wellbeing requires a synergic effort of the public authorities, the business community and the civil society.



Our company’s mission encapsulates four core values. These are the moral guides which we follow as we make decisions in any area of the Company’s activity: both in our business operations and in situations that our staff face in their day-to-day work

Customer focus

Our goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relations with our customers. We want these relations to be based on trust, openness and mutual respect. We pursue this goal in everything we do. This is also the primary criterion we use to evaluate the efficiency of our activities.

We constantly develop customer relations, expand our service offer, maintain high quality of our services and optimise our pricing policy. We are always flexible when it comes to issue solving; we always deliver what our customers expect and provide them with the best offers available in the market.

Atpresentournumberonetask is to make our company the number one choice for our customers.

Teamwork approach

We realise that in our world, any company’s success is directly determined by efficiency and coordination of every person’s efforts in each structural unit. Our teamwork approach enables us to find the most efficient and cost-saving solutions and to achieve the best results in the fastest way.

We involve our customers in joint teamwork and thus take our cooperation to a new and more efficient level, as it is based on partnership and rapport.

Openness and transparency

The Atlant Park Industrial & Warehousing Facilities follows the principle of openness and transparency in our relations with any stakeholders: our employees and partners, our customers and agencies, public authorities and local communities.

We value such core principles of business relations as openness, valuable cooperation, respecting each party’s interests based on mutual respect, partnership and integrity.

Providing full and timely information about our company’s activity and fulfilling every one of our obligations are the key principles for our business development.

Corporate social responsibility

Taking care of the people connected with the company is the priority direction of our activity, a basis of business development of our company in the present and a guarantee of its successful development in the future.

We are building a company that takes care of its employees, appreciates its customers and engages in cooperation with the community and authorities that contributes to the area’s social and economic development.

Proceeding from balance of the social obligations and opportunities, we seek for implementation of long-term social programs and we understand that socially responsible business today is a basis of stability of our development.